M4 Management

methods - measurement - management - motivation

Our Services

  • are comprehensive not complicated
  • are tailored to your specific circumstances and needs to ensure the optimum solution is implemented
  • form a highly participative and effective process which transfers our skills and knowledge to your organisation’s; managers, team leaders and internal change team
  • are designed to ensure ownership of the change programme, improvement process and solutions are vested in your organisation’s management and staff at all levels
  • embed a culture of controlled change within an organisation which brings about continuous improvements as well as quick wins
  • assist organisations to substantially improve productivity and realise other significant benefits, both tangible and intangible, in a socially responsible and acceptable manner.
  • achieve real improvements which are quantifiable; all training and consultancy provided by M4 has as its objectives the achievement of tangible, and measurable benefits specifically tailored to meet your needs
  • are practical, based on experience gained in the field from organisations in all parts of the world.
  • are based in Reality all our staff have held management positions before joining M4 and as a result they have their feet firmly on the ground and know what the real world is about.
  • are Supportive and develop Management, Team leaders and staff at all levels
  • Encourage and motivate the active participation and cooperation of your organisation’s, Staff, their representatives and Management at all levels.


Attack Cost from the Top or the Bottom:

It does not matter where an organisation starts, all that matters is it starts somewhere.

  • Priority Based Management (PBM) - Do only what is needed
  • Process Alignment - Match processes to objectives
  • Process Improvement - Do it right
  • Resource Management - Use optimal resources
  • Process Management - Control the processes
  • A–Star–T - Get it there in the shortest time
  • Job Evaluation and Salary Structuring - Ensure rewards match results

Helping Ensure Strategy Succeeds and Productivity Improves.

Our experience has shown a useful place to start is Resource Management as this provides substantial benefits both in the long term and quick wins.  Whilst doing this it provides vital objective data to make implementing other initiatives quicker and more successful.